House boating makes a perfect venue for business retreats, friend’s weekends, family retreats and employee team building sessions. Spending a couple of days on the water must be fun. This article will give you tips to help you maintain your sanity while enjoying the wonderful water world. Read on.


houseboatIf you decide to take a weekend out to the waters, allow yourself to relax. You are not rushing to work, no deadlines to be meet and phones to make. It is your time to enjoy and relax at your own pace. To make it amazing discuss with the people you are traveling with about preferences. This way, you carry out activities which amaze and light up everybody. You can engage in water sports, rigorous hiking, and much more. There must be a convergence point for all the people on board. If otherwise some people will feel left out making it less fun.

Discuss finances

Everyone will want to know how much the trip will cost. The problem here is, you cannot be sure of the cost ahead of time. You can split the cost of insurance, rental, and deposit, but you can never be sure of the fuel to be used. Ensure that members pay the known costs ahead of time. Fuel cost is determined by the weight of your boat once you all board, where you go, the distance covered, the speed and so much more. Decide amongst yourself how the cost of fuel will be shared. It is important that you carry extra money in case anything happens.

Assign duties

houseboatFor a group trip, someone organized should be in charge. Otherwise, something will not be right. You will realize that important documents or the car opener has been left behind. You will need to carry foods, towels, paper plates, bed lines and so much more. Other than the group leader, you should choose a captain as well. They should be a team player and free from alcohol. He will be the one taking the boat from one place to the other safely. A co-captain should be appointed in case something happens to the main. The third person to be selected is the one to be in charge of meals. If you have many of them, different meals can be assigned to different people. With the limited space in the houseboat, all the cooks cannot be in the kitchen at once, hence splitting of the duties.