Whether you are in search of a small getaway or you are looking for an adventure, renting a boat in Miami is a fantastic option. It gives you a chance to unwind far from the daily hustles of life. You also get to have a different aspect of this city. You can use the chance to engage yourself in fun activities such as fishing, seeing marine life, enjoy a beautiful sunset and watch brightly lit stars during the night.

Your choice of a boat in Miami depends on some factors. Here are the factors to consider ensuring that you have an easy time and you get a memorable experience.

Number of people

How many people are you renting the boat for? This crucial question will determine the size of the boat you need. Some companies will need charger per head per hour and others charge as per the size of the boat per hour. Compare the two and see what’s better for you.


Cost is a very important factor that you must consider if you intend to rent a boat in Miami. The cost includes rental fees, cost of gasoline, insurance premium, marina fees, and charges for other activities such as jet skis or fishing gear. Remember that in case you’ll need a captain are likely to be charged extra. However, if you have never sailed a boat before, it is important that you have a captain on board.

Boats in Miami Beach and South Beach are expensive, but they are cheaper if you go up north. If you are not familiar with renting boats, a hotel attendant is likely to give you more favorable options than a marina.

Make Reservations beforehand

This is very important especially in seasons when boats are in high demand. This gives you peace of mind are you will have selected the best. Some boat rental companies will require you to pay a booking fee and clear the rest when the day comes.

Before making reservations inquire about what you are allowed to bring and what is prohibited. This is crucial because most companies prohibit glass containers. If you are not okay with their terms, look for another company.

The Functionality of the Boat

How old is the boat? An older boat is more likely to fail to function properly. On the other hand, a newer is ultra-modern. Thus you get modern amenities and gadgets. If you are renting the boat for more than eight people, then the boat should have at least two bathrooms. This is because Miami is hot and thus people drink a lot of fluids. Therefore, they will be using the bathroom often.

Once you rent the ideal boat, some of the best places to cruise are Stiltville, Bayside, Elliot keys, Biscayne Bay, and Boynton Beach. If you want to have a look at expensive mansions, pass by Palm Beach or Aventura.


If you want to party, cruise towards Sandbar and you will have a lifetime experience.

Boat ride experience in Miami is a lifetime experience. Ensure that you make it as memorable as possible. Remember to carry things such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and any drinks that you might need and arrive half an hour before departure.